V21 Paths

Vision 21 Paths to Market

Vision 21’s goal is to help innovations see the commercial light of day as quickly as possible. In most cases our connections are made within a few days. We believe that each innovation falls into one of three categories. It is V21’s role to quickly identify which is the appropriate and get the innovation on to that path as quickly as possible.

V21 Path 1 – Major Partner Connection

Many innovations can be quickly monetized by partnering with the best potential customer or industry leader. Vision 21’s role is to streamline this process through relationships. By making the appropriate connection, an innovation can be assessed, and on its way to market in days instead of years. Large partners have the necessary resources to take innovations to full potential, and in many cases will be the innovation’s largest customer.

V21 Path 2 – Direct to Market Connection

Many innovations are simple highly valuable products that we see in our everyday lives. What these innovations generally lack is a partner to manufacture them, and help get them to market. When an appropriate introduction is made the innovation can advance from idea to market in weeks.

V21 Path 3 – Organization Building Connection

In some cases a rare innovation requires a stand-alone company structure to advance the innovation. In these cases Vision 21 reaches to it’s network and helps develop a fast track plan, and makes introductions to potential resources for execution of the fast track plan.