V21 Changing America

Vision 21 Innovation to Monetization – Changing America through Free Enterprise

What if there was a way to energize our economy like never before? What would that mean for our nation? What would a significant surge in economic activity do for job/wealth creation? What if all of this was possible by simply filling a void or connecting a few dots?

The Vision 21 program was launched by the Champions of Free Enterprise initiative to fill a void in America’s Free Enterprise System. Today game-changing innovations sit idle in the labs of almost every U.S. University or struggle in the garage or basement of an aspiring entrepreneur. Only a fraction of these are ever fully developed or monetized. Why is this? The simple answer is that two worlds (academia/innovators and commerce) seldom connect. Far too often, academia innovates for the sake of innovation and entrepreneurs struggle to fund even early stage development. We all know there are clear exceptions, but estimates suggest that less than ten percent of all viable innovations are ever commercialized. Imagine what thousands of fully commercialized innovations would mean to the United States?

In many cases moving these technologies out of the University is extremely difficult and the innovators are not entrepreneurial, starting entrepreneurs spend massive time inefficient approaches to funding – they are both far removed from the engine that could take their breakthrough to market.

The change is underway!

Vision 21 provides a simple approach. Connect the dots to provide the quickest path from innovation to monetization and commercial viability. Too often great innovations never see the light of day or their full potential because they’re never properly brought to market. Our simple approach connects the innovation with its most appropriate path to success. The innovations we select are walked down the most viable of three paths to success via our Committed Partners.

The role of Vision 21 is to simply connect the innovation/innovator to the most viable path. Vision 21 has a assembled a group of world-class, area leading experts who vet the viability of the innovation, and make suggestions as to who might be the best partner. Once the innovation is vetted, we connect it with our V21 PowerNet. Connecting the best partner (in many cases also the best customer) with a vetted industry changing innovation, we can move to full potential with months instead of years or decades…