V21 PowerNet

The key to Vision 21’s success is its partners. The appropriate phone call or connection can take years off the “innovation-to-market” process. Every day Vision 21 connects with leaders in American Free Enterprise to help facilitate our connections. We have been building a comprehensive network of business leaders from every industry who can connect with innovators to help make things happen at an accelerated rate.

Being a part of the V21 PowerNet isn’t an ask for a “favor”. It is making powerful connections that can change you business, industry, or even the world. When you get a call, its because there is something very viable for your organization. In fact, you only see what is right for you specifically. We painstakingly work to only connect the right dots. Vision 21 has a panel of world renowned experts who vet every innovation prior to making that call. So when you get a call from Vision 21, it’s a call you want to take! We would be happy to share our current connections.

If you want to part of the Vision 21 PowerNet, please fill out the form below, or call us direct at 800-763-2950 Ext. 475.